Today we review the Hot Ones Last Dab Moruga Scorpion Edition. This sauce is a variation on the original Last Dab put out by the popular interview show ‘Hot Ones’. It’s a beautiful sauce, with a heat level appropriate for actually eating… and not just destroying your palate.


Heat Level


Sauce Score


This sauce smells great. In comparison to some of the other uber spicy sauces (of which this just crosses the threshold) it has a beautiful bouquet. There is certainly heat, and you know it’s going to hurt, but it doesn’t have the death scent that Reaper pepper sauces have. The scent here is tempting. There are hints of curry and ginger, with a fairly strong vinegar punch.


Wow, is the Last Dab Moruga Scorpion Edition a delicious sauce or what. We’ve always been fans of the Hot Ones branded sauces but this one is really a knockout. There’s a ton of depth to this sauce as it moves across the taste buds. An initial sweetness overpowers any spice and gives the mouth time to process the other flavors. Moruga Scorpion spice is at a sharp but manageable level. This sauce is not a grower, it’s a show-er. What we mean by that is the spice level doesn’t build over time. Due to the pepper profile of this sauce, and the lack of salt your taste buds are hit, and then the heat calms down.

Eat It With

I’m impressed by the lack of salt in this sauce and how well it would pair with food. I would recommend using Hot Ones The Last Dab Moruga Scorpion Edition sauce with fish and delicately cooked proteins. Thinking flakey white fish with rice, or some simple grilled chicken. It would make a great addition to an aioli if you want to get crazy. I wouldn’t pair this with steak or super salty dishes. The sweetness of this sauce might seem like it would go well to contrast those flavors but it would be too confusing on the tongue and the flavors would battle, not allowing you to enjoy either. I also wouldn’t pair this with super citrusy dishes. I know that’s getting a little nitpicky as flakey fish are often paired with citrus.