Our hot sauce today is the Kolohe Kid Hawaiian & Ghost Pepper sauce made by Adoboloco. This sauce (as you can tell by how much is gone from the bottle) had been in heavy rotation because it’s pretty freaking good. This isn’t a blow your mind with amazing flavor combos and wild super hot peppers sauce. This is a sauce that is just a plain good ole’ fashioned hot sauce for the modern era. If you like tobasco style sauces, do yourself a favor and go out, snag a bottle of this stuff, and thank me later.


Heat Level


Sauce Score


Holy vinegar! The similarities between this sauce and Tobasco begin on with the nose. Honestly, it’s a little tough to repetedly smell this sauce to give a report. It’s vinegar and ghose pepper, neither of which make for a particularly pleasing bouquet. If you give the sauce a chance and work past the vinegar and pepper you can definitely get a hefty dose of garlic. 


5 years ago the words ‘Ghost Pepper’ would strike fear into the heart of most people. We hear Ghost Pepper and we think extreme spice. The kind of spice that makes you sweat, question your insanity, drives you into a dark deep depression, then pushes that all out through the wrong end (if you know what I mean). But that’s not at all the case any more. Hot sauce makers nowadays are able to tame peppers like the Ghost Pepper so we ge the best out of these little bundles of joy. A sauce like the Kolohe Kid Hawaiian & Ghost Pepper sauce is a prime example of this. 

Initially the flavor of this sauce hits in the same way any vinegar heavy sauce hits. Straight up the back of the throat almost searing the sinus’. But then the wonderful spice tingle bursts through with that classic Ghost Pepper sear. This isn’t jalapeno or habanero, it’s definitely Ghost Pepper, but somehow tame. All the best features of the pepper shine through perhaps most of all the lingering heat. I’m sitting here writing this 15-20 minutes after my last taste of the sauce and there’s still just a little lingering heat, it’s great. 

This sauce is a daily use sauce for anyone with a thing for vinegar based sauces. If you’re looking to up the ante on Tobasco, or switch it up from any of the louisianna sauces this one’s for you. 

Eat It With

We’ve been eating this hot sauce on all sorts of things but there’s certainly a handful of foods it does best on. Really amazing on eggs. Goes really great with fried chicken or chicken fingers. Is also really amazing on french fries, because if you’re like me you put hot sauce on french fries. If you try any of these, comment below and let me know how it was!